Npower Pre-selection List 2024/2025 | List of Batch C Pre-Selected Candidates

Npower pre-selection list 2024 is out. Are you someone who is about to check for your npower pre- selection list ? If your answer was yes then this article is definitely for you because In today’s I will be guiding you  on how you can easily check for your name on the Npower pre- selection list and also I will show you how you can navigate through the Npower portal page for you to always access it easily and successfully.

If you are someone who has recently applied to the Npower Recruitment then you need to check if you have actually been selected for the physical verification and like I said earlier that is exactly what I will be revealing to you step by step in today’s article.


How to Check NPower Pre-Selection Status

Now let’s see how you can easily navigate through the Npower portal and let’s see how you can easily check for the Npower pre- selection status.

Step 1 : Visit Npower recruitment portal via

Step 2 : After getting to the portal the next thing is to click on the check preselection status button.

Step 3 : Thirdly your email is required and you have to make sure you put in your correct valid email you used for the registration. You may also prefer to use your phone number in the box that is being provided on the portal.



After following all this simple steps you will be sent a sms message after some few minutes it usually takes around 2 to 4 minutes so you have to be patience. This notification message will tell you if you’re being selected or not.
You have to be well prepared for your physical verification and make sure all your credentials are all intact. You will receive a congratulation messages from the Npower team about your presentation status.

Frequently Asked Questions About Npower

How to check Npower profile

If you want to check any information on your Npower profile you can easily do that. Visit after that click on the my profile button then check our your status or any other vital and Valuable information.

How to change Npower profile


If you want to change anything on your profile then you have to read this section to the end.

Let’s say you forgot your password and you’re trying to retrieve it back. The first thing is to visit the Npower portal we click on the forgot password button. There will be a space provided for you to input your email. After doing that you will be sent an email which will give you an option for you to change your password easily.

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