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Pounds to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today: Are you curious about what the current pound to naira exchange rate is today? Are you planning on traveling abroad or interested in carrying out some online transactions and would like to know the exchange rates?

It is important to know the exchange rate between the pound and the naira, especially when it comes to the AbokiFx pound to naira rate. Even if you’re not going abroad, you might need to do some online transactions, hence the need to know so that you don’t get cheated.

In this article, we will be giving you everything you need to know regarding the GBP to NGN exchange rate as well as the current pound sterling to naira exchange rate, both the CBN and black market rates. You can convert your GBP to naira at this rate or change your pound to naira at the parallel or latest black market rate.

So, keep reading to see the real mid-market exchange rate, and AbokiFX rate today. We’re comparing the Pound and the Naira Bank rate against the AbokiFX rate. We’ll keep updating this page regularly according to the current market rates.

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Pound Sterling-Naira Today Exchange Rate

The Nigerian Economy, and by default, Currency has depreciated over the past few years when put side-by-side with other major currencies. This has resulted in a constant fluctuation of the exchange rate between the British pound sterling and Nigerian Naira.

The rate has been going downwards over the last few months. As the market rises and falls, it has remained relatively low when considering the exchange rates for today’s date.

So, what is the pound to naira exchange rate at the black market (parallel market) and the  AbokiFx as of today? We’ve outlined below the correct exchange rate for the British pound to Naira today.

British Pounds to Nigerian Naira Black Market Rate Today

We give you the correct and current exchange rates so that you can make informed decisions and save on your international money transfers or online purchase. The current British pound to Nigerian Naira black market rate is shown in the table below.

Pound to Naira (GBP to Naira) Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate 750
Selling Rate 735

As of today, Naira trades at N750/£1 in the parallel market. The CBN does not recognize the black market and recommends that individuals interested in Forex should contact their banks before proceeding.

Pounds to Naira CBN Exchange Rate

You can sell or purchase pounds for naira on CBN’s portal www.cbn.gov.ng. Usually, the black market Pound-Naira exchange rate is higher than the CBN exchange rate.

Currency Buy/Sell Rate Change Date
GBP ₦ 915 / 906 0.1% 19/01/2022

Pounds to Naira at Foreign Exchange Market Exchange Rate

Currency Rate Change Date
GBP ₦ 915 0.13% 19/01/2023

The Naira is constantly fluctuating against other currencies, keep checking this page for any updates that might occur.

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